7:00am – first alarm goes off.

7:15am – second alarm goes off.

7:30am – third alarm goes off.

7:45am – fourth alarm goes off.

8:00am – fifth and final alarm goes off.

If I haven’t already mentioned, school starts at 8:20am – so somehow within 20 minutes I manage to get up, get dressed and do all that, have an hugely delicious breakfast and walk to school. It’s incredible, I don’t know how I manage to pull it off but it works every time, every single day.

I guess this week, the fact that I’m now so immersed into the daily routines of life here became blantantly apparent to me – but also the fact that in just over two weeks I’ll be back at home in Sydney again. Although somewhat masked, I’m already feeling as though I don’t want to leave this place. Everything is just going so, so well, and disrupting that would just be inopportune. The past month+ has been absolutely amazing, and I’ve honestly thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of it.

Alright, so two weeks isn’t exactly a legitimate time to get all sentimental…but it’s not entirely unsolicited given my train ticket from Rome to Milan arrived today by courier. Which brings me to the next thing: my care-package sent from the fam. I still have no idea where it is, or what happened to it, but it should have arrived a good four weeks ago…?

I know the Italian mail system is notoriously reputed especially towards the south, but Mel’s Christmas card arrived yesterday (thanks Mel!) so it can’t all be terrible?

Anyways, in other news today was a great day at school – the feeling you get when you’re able to surpass the goal of continuously hitting 30 shots in volano (with one of the nicest people)…yes!



[Speaking of postage, I love how ‘post’ is spelt ‘poste’ in Italiano, just sayin’]